Use the "But You Are Free" Technique to Persuade Anyone


There are lots of techniques for becoming more persuasive, but perhaps the simplest, most practical technique is the “But You Are Free” method. A review ..read more

How House Democrats Plan To Use Local Power To Stop Gun Violence – And How To Do It Better


On Thursday afternoon, the House Democratic Gun Violence Prevention Task Force released a framework document laying out fifteen proposals for gun violence prevention legislation. It’s a good document, reaching beyond ..read more

Kansas Governor’s Tax Plan Will Cost Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars, Despite Raising Taxes On The Poor


Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R), like Republican governors all across the country, aims to implement a regressive tax plan that involves cutting income taxes for the rich while, in his ..read more

‘The Invisible War’ And How Movies Can Change Policy


I’ve been writing about The Invisible War, Kirby Dick’s documentary about the sexual assault epidemic in the military, since I saw it at Sundance last year. And now that it’s ..read more

What To Be Concerned About As Congress Mulls Targeted Killing Courts


I am the law?

Should the United States have courts that authorize the targeted killing of Americans? At yesterday’s hearing, Sen. Angus King (I-ME) suggested so yesterday, worrying that the President ..read more

The Meat Industry Consumes Four Times The Amount Of Antibiotics As Sick Americans Do


The meat industry uses a considerable amount of antibiotics to fight bacteria on its livestock farms — so much so that it actually far outpaces the amount of antibiotics used ..read more

Obama Nominee Would Be First Openly Gay Federal Court of Appeals Judge


Since taking office, President Obama has quadrupled the number of openly gay judges on the federal bench — although this is as much a testament to America’s long legacy of ..read more

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