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BREAKING: Colorado Senate Approves Civil Unions Legislation


Civil unions sponsor Sen. Pat Steadman (D) speaking before supporters in May 2012.

Just now, the Colorado Senate voted 21-14 to approve Senate Bill 11, which would create civil unions for more

Hey Fairfax County, High School Seniors Can Handle ‘Beloved,’ And Learn About Racism and Sexism


Laura Murphy, whose son is a senior in high school in Fairfax County, Virginia, doesn’t think he—or anyone else—should be reading Beloved in their English classes, and she’s on a more

Clinton: America’s Debt Problems ‘Can’t Be Solved’ With Austerity


Former president Bill Clinton urged House Democrats to avoid the push for immediate austerity at a party retreat in Virginia today, pointing to Europe’s failed deficit-cutting experiment that has led more

How The GOP Would Make Undocumented Immigrants America’s Next Permanent Underclass


Conservatives in the House of Representatives are rejecting the growing bipartisan consensus for permitting undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship. Instead, one prominent negotiatior, Rep. Raúl Labrador (R-ID), suggested a more

Health Workers Gunned Down In Nigeria, Threatening Global Effort To Combat Polio


Child receives polio vaccine in Nigeria

Several health workers administering vaccines were shot dead in Nigeria today, part of a spread in violence threatening the tantalizingly close eradication of polio.

While the more

Conspiracy Theorist Clings To Allegations Of 0.0034% Voter Fraud In One Ohio County


Voter Suppression Advocate John Fund

In a National Review article Friday, voter fraud conspiracy theorist John Fund again attempted to mislead readers into thinking strict photo ID laws are necessary to more

How Segregated Gifted And Talented Programs Are Hurting America’s Poorest Students


Our guest blogger is Kaitlin Pennington, an education policy analyst at the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

This week, Catalyst Chicago, a publication focused on urban education, reported that smart more

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