Borderlands Level Cap Raise Confirmed by Gearbox [Dlc]

About an hour ago, a Gearbox designer popped into the studio’s official forums to confirm that Borderlands’ level cap will be raised in the next DLC offering, which is “the biggest DLC we have made.”

“Hopefully we can get a full announcement out to you guys soon,” said Jason Reiss, a level designer. He also alluded to an update “that solves a bunch of issues,” presently in the works.

Mikey Neumann, the Gearbox creative director, tweaked his colleague over Twitter about the reveal, then decided “I’ma leak something too then: More Scooter!” He’s the foul-mouthed mechanic in New Haven (pictured at left) who always has a “little-somethin’ somethin’ for you to do,” such as shooting away giant crap blockages from the sewer pipes in the Rust Commons.

Guess What!! [Gearbox Forums]

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