Conan Gets His Revenge: The Late Night Clips You Missed While You Were Sleeping [Late Night]

NBC’s Dick Ebersol extends an invitation to Stephen Colbert, the masturbating bear makes a special appearance on Conan’s show, Arsenio Hall pays Leno a visit, Adam Sandler commiserates, and many more late-night antics rounded up by Gawker.TV’s Matt Cherette.

“Ratings for our Tonight Show are up by fifty percent. When NBC executives heard this they told me, ‘See? You really don’t fit in around here.'” – Conan O’Brien
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“It’s raining like crazy in Los Angeles and there’s flooding everywhere, so I’m thinking to myself: Whoa, it’s a good thing Conan’s getting sandbagged.” – David Letterman
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“Of course the rain couldn’t have come at a worse time. Today was the day NBC was supposed to burn down the studio for insurance money.” – Jay Leno
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“[You want me to be] a part of the NBC team? Do you have a title in mind? Cause I kind of like ‘host of The Tonight Show.'” – Stephen Colbert
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