Live Blogging Jersey Shore, the Season Finale [Jersey Shore]

And so the most important sociological experiment of our time ends not with a whimper, but a bang. Yup, Snooki and The Situation banging in the Jacuzzi. You know it’s going to happen. Come, let us discuss.

We are all very, very sad that this is the season finale (or “season finally” as ShamWOWW tweeted earlier today) and what better way to get over our bitter tears than by crying with a blog post full of your closest friends. Our tears will all join together into one virtual, salty hot tub of love that Snooki and The Situation will cavort in. But not only that, it will be the gestational fluid of a new generation of guidos, and they will be conceived right here in our grief.

So, let the keening commence and share your sadness in the comments section below. Type a little mass card for the show in the empty box and hit “Share.” Then everyone can pray along with you. Keep refreshing the page to see what everyone else has to say and to respond to their comments. The show starts at 10pm on MTV and there is a “reunion show” (which was taped last week) right after it, so we’ll probably be keeping the chairs warm at this wake until midnight.

Here are some scant joys for this most dolorous of occassions:

  • Drinking game: Be sure to take a shot every time the duck phone quacks, Ronnie gets arrested, Sammi Quiznos starts a stupid fight, someone says “situation,” and Snooki sucks the juice out of a pickle—including The Situations/
  • Remembrances: Let us focus on the good times and share with us your favorite scenes, quotes, pictuers, and incidents from this very momentous season. The first one to post the animated Snooki punch .gif in the comments gets a spanking. But just one, cause my hands get sore.
  • Quotes and Terms: Hopefully you already watched our awesome quote compilation video, but still let us know what insane utterances we need to jot down for posterity and any words that you need defined in the recap tomorrow. Like the bartender at Karma, we are here to serve.

Alright, guido and guidettes, see you in the comments. Let’s live it up like it’s Labor Day weekend and we just got a clean STD screening!

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