Republican Savior’s Wife Starred in Half-Naked Music Video About Handjobs [Focus On The Family]

We have now seen every member of Senator-elect Scott Brown‘s family in some state of undress. Here’s wife Gail Huff in a bikini, coaxing a tube of sunscreen to metaphoric orgasm, in a music video from 1982.

Digney Fignus’ “Girl with a Curious Hand” proves hastily-elected political upstarts are the only kind of politician worth having, in terms of embarrassing internet detritus. (If you care about effective governance, meh.) Before she was a Boston news anchor (and now a senator’s wife) Gail Huff was the pouty, tousled-hair video girl who romps in the ocean, sheds her bikini top, and creates sexual innuendo by squeezing a tube of sunscreen, making it squirt all over the place.

She’s everything a boy would need
She’s a girl with a curious hand
She’s a girl with a curious hand
She’s a girl with a curious hand

America: Where the bikinis are tiny, the innuendo obvious, and the centerfolds hold office. [HuffPo]

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