The Blizzard Begins


From Jeff Masters’ latest:

The weight of all that heavy snow on rooftops will create the danger of roof collapses. In addition to the heavy snow, the storm will bring coastal wind gusts over hurricane force, and moderate to major coastal flooding. During the peak of the storm, Friday night into Saturday morning, snowfall rates of 2 – 3″ per hour can be expected. …. The combination of heavy snow and high winds will make travel extremely dangerous or impossible, with near-zero visibility in white-out conditions. The snow and high winds are likely to cause many power outages.

Looks like NYC could get some serious snow:

Totals may be about 3 inches higher in NYC b/c of early rain/snow changeover. So, let's say 12-15" instead of 8-12". (cc: @kimlitt24)—
Eric Holthaus (@EricHolthaus) February 08, 2013

The Lede is live-blogging the blizzard. A useful NYT snowfall guide for select east coast cities is here. The sort of scenes you might be seeing soon:

(Photo of Nemo from NASA)

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