Analog Dating

Paul Miller is spending a year without the internet. Pursuing a girl proved difficult:

For me, no internet kept things mysterious and surprising. The most obvious change was that I couldn’t Facebook stalk her. I couldn’t see who she knew, or where she’d been, or whether she trended corny or standoffish in group photos. I could only learn about her through conversation. She drew me a diagram of her family and friends, to help me follow her stories better.

For the first couple weeks, I actually didn’t know her last name. It just didn’t come up, and I didn’t think to ask. Undeterred, my brother used her first name and a few offhand remarks of mine to stalk her online himself. I asked him not to tell me, but he couldn’t help dropping a few revelatory details about her career — I was surprised how little I “knew” about her from my hours of conversation, versus his minutes of Google work.

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