Let’s See How Long That Lasts

E.D. Kain on why Brown won:

He’s a guy who can treat his opponents with respect.  He was out on the
campaign trail shaking hands, meeting people, and trying to connect
with the voters in Massachusetts.  Unlike his opponent, he was able to
skillfully run a positive campaign that nevertheless found its strength
in discontent and anger.  Unlike Sarah Palin and other Republicans
these days, he did not have to resort to anger and conspiracy theories
and other silly tactics; he did not have to go out and kiss the
talk-radio pundits’ behinds; he did not stoop to pettiness or
name-calling.  He was a class act, and the voters respected that.
 Maybe that’s entirely personality politics, but it is the right kind
of personality politics.  Brown proved that he could speak to ordinary
Americans without putting up a facade.  And ordinary Americans
appreciated that.

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