The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we surveyed the fallout over the Coakley-Brown bout. Reader reax here. Reactions from Obama here, Jim Webb here, and Barney Frank here and here. A Senate staffer vented to TPM. Olbermann spewed some bile. Nate Silver performed an autopsy of the race, Cohn agonized over the remains, and Megan proposed a cure for HCR.  Larison assessed both sides of the debate, Packer pitted Obama's pragmatism against GOP populism, and Andrew saw the return of Rovism. Mort Zuckerman jumped the shark on Obama and Bainbridge lived in a libertarian bubble. More commentary from E.D. Kain, Yglesias, Chait, and Greenwald.

Dissent of the day here. The latest recession update here. Another meth memoir here. And a fantastic window here.

— C.B.

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