Hasbro Lawyers Stable My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic Fan Project


Since the summer of 2011 a small group of fans calling themselves Mane6 have been toiling away at a fighting game based on the cartoon ..read more

He Set Off Speeding Cameras. While On A Skateboard.


I’d like to think of this as “skateboarded so awesomely that now he has the police on his tail,” but hey. Semantics. More » ..read more

Anti-Gun People Who Cluelessly Mocked Me Still Live in Fantasy Land, Still Don’t Know How To Apologize


The popular, left-leaning Facebook group that mistook me for a gun nut last month has pulled the image of me that they put on their ..read more

Hella Jelly: Japan Gets Stupidest, Yet Possibly Most Amazing Event-Pokémon


There are some cool event Pokémon distributed for promotional purposes—legendaries, for instance. And then there are event Pokémon that leave you scratching your head. More » ..read more

In This Week’s Injustice Comic, Superman Does the One Thing Batman Never Would


You might know that DC Comics has an Injustice comic running which sets up the stage for all the brawling in the upcoming fighting game. ..read more

Nintendo Fan Is Unhappy With Nintendo’s $200 Answer to His $400 Wii U Problem


Jon is an enthusiastic Nintendo fan. He buys all of Nintendo’s systems. He buys many, many Nintendo games. But he’s gotten himself into a jam ..read more

The Warm and Wonderfully Squishy World of the Week in Gaming Apps


Welcome back to the Week in Gaming Apps, a place where one moment you’re running over zombies with a train and the next you’re enjoying ..read more

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