The Battle for Steam-Powered Tower Defense Supremacy Begins on Facebook


Why aren’t there more tower defense games on Facebook? Is it because they tend to be more difficult than the normal Facebook fare, or because ..read more

These Video Games Let You Play As Insects


Controlling a cockroach or an entire ant colony is pretty unusual, even for a video game. So we can say games featuring these ideas resulted ..read more

Apparently, The Story Behind Epic’s Dazzling 2011 Tech Demo Is A ‘Doozy’


At the Game Developers Conference in 2011, Epic Games showed off a new demo of their widely-used Unreal graphics technology. The Unreal Engine ..read more

The College Football Video Game Supposedly Backed By Jamal Anderson Is The World’s Saddest Scam


Four days ago, this Kickstarter campaign from “Dirty Bird Sports” popped up on the project-funding platform. The name is a reference to former Atlanta Falcons ..read more

Dead Space 1 Writer Says Dead Space 3’s Action Focus Was A ‘Necessary Evil’


Some would contest whether or not Dead Space was ever a scary franchise, but most will agree that Dead Space 3 focuses more on being ..read more

After Just Six Months, Epic Closes the Studio Built on the Ashes of Big Huge Games


Following last year’s Kingdoms of Amalur financial disaster that resulted in the closure of both Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios and Maryland’s Big Huge Games, Epic ..read more

A List Of Characters I Accidentally Killed In Fire Emblem: Awakening


Last week, as you might recall, I promised to play Fire Emblem: Awakening with permadeath on. I also promised to continue battling no matter what ..read more

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