Cheer Up, College Kids. It Only Gets Worse. [Recessionomics]


The Way We Live Now: Self-pityingly. College freshmen are the recession’s littlest victims. China is a bully. Our house is cold. And trying to make it in New York is ..read more

Capcom USA: PS3 Wand Delay Does Not Affect Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition [PS3]


During last fall’s Tokyo Game Show, Capcom producer Jun Takeuchi announced that Resident Evil: Alternative Edition would be using Sony’s new wand motion controller. That controller has been delayed ..read more

What’s in #tips Today? [Tiplist]


From the #tips page: layoffs at the Guardian, journalism still doesn’t pay, and Radiohead is the new Dave Brubeck. Think about it. Meanwhile over in #crosstalk, someone is looking for ..read more



“It is mathematically impossible for Democrats to pass legislation on our own.” –Senate Democratic memo.

Beyond Seaside: Five Other Party Tribes in Need of Anthropological Examination [Listicle]


Jersey Shore, the (overly) buzzed-about documentary series created by the vengeful ghost of Margaret Mead, is coming to an end tonight. (Well, a season end, at least.) So ..read more

Highlights from Last Week’s Project Runway Live Blog [Project Runway]


Every week our commenters gather to live blog Project Runway. Look at how witty and awesome they are. So witty and awesome, you should read their best comments then come ..read more

The Wit and Wisdom of the Jersey Shore [Shore Thing]


We have hung on every ridiculous word uttered by the guidos of the Jersey Shore. Tonight is their final episode (for now) and in celebration we have a collection ..read more

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