In Context It Was Apparently Not So Hopeless Sounding [Health Care]


“I don’t see the votes for [passing the Senate bill] at this time.” -Nancy Pelosi

Lost, Guido Style [Sweded]


If you’re one of TV’s most annoying fans, then you will enjoy this. Also if you like Jersey Shore. An adorable Italian family from Long Island reenacts all of ..read more

Starbucks Is Back, Bitches [Corporate America]


Remember that place called “Starbucks” back in the day? Hahaha, people used to go there and drink coffee and things and instantly stereotype themselves by walking into this “Starbucks,” a ..read more

The Real World: A Commendation for the Improvement of Spooning [Recaps]


We, the Senate of the United States of America decree that we can improve the quality of side-by-side sleeping—commonly known as spooning—for all Americas. We hereby decree:

1. Spooning is ..read more

PC System Specsapalooza: AvP, BioShock 2 [PC]


For PC users feeling uneasy about their current setups, we’ve got two sets of system specs for you today, one for BioShock 2, the other for Aliens vs Predator.

First up, ..read more

Killzone 2, Resistance 2 and Infamous Skins Coming To Uncharted 2 [Gallery]


On January 28, a free multiplayer pack for Uncharted 2 will be released with skins from PS3 exclusives Killzone 2, Resistance 2 and Infamous. PS3 owners will need 141MB of ..read more

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Has Already Outsold Mario Galaxy [Nintendo]


I’m not sure if this is sad or impressive – probably a bit of both – but New Super Mario Bros. Wii has, in a little over two months, already ..read more

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