Get A Little Depressed With The Heavy Rain Demo [Demo]


Buried deep within comment contest replies in a post on the European PlayStation Blog, SCEE PlayStation Store team member Mike Kebby reveals a demo for Quantic Dream‘s Heavy Rain ..read more

The Wii Loses Some Of Its Fitness Thunder To Dance Town [Wii Fit]


Show of hands. Who has heard of the video game Dancetown? You know, the video game that National Public Radio reports might better whip you into shape than Wii Fit.

NPR’s ..read more

She Caught Them All, We Can Go Home Now [Screengrab]


21-year-old Lisa Courtney from Hertfordshire, England, the biggest collector of Pokémon memorabilia in the world according to the Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer Edition.

The Wii Gets Its First Black Box, Maybe Its Best Box Art [Only In Japan]


Nintendo is letting another game that isn’t New Super Mario Bros. Wii break the tradition of white Wii game cases, giving Sandlot’s Zangeki no REGINLEIV a chance to stand out ..read more

Boy Loses Girl, Boy Chases Girl Through Hell [Clips]


Dante and Virgil race through the City of Despair in order to save Beatrice from the evil clutches of Lucifer, in this clip from Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic.

This ..read more

Metal Gear Solid Gets Singing Weapons [PSP]


Just in case the Metal Gear Solid games were seeming conventional to you, the next one will include singing weapons.

The late May PSP game Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, which ..read more

Frankenreview: Dark Void [Round Up]


Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? A plane? The Rocketeer? No! It’s our Frankenreview for Capcom’s Dark Void.

Developer Airtight Games plunges players headlong into the mysterious ..read more

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