Are Coakley Voters Too Ashamed to be Polled?


Tucker Carlson has this report from spinmeister extraordinaire Frank Luntz:

Just about every election night, Republican pollster Frank Luntz assembles a focus group of likely voters to help predict election results. ..read more

Martha Choakley?


It’s still not entirely clear to me that Martha Coakley will lose today. As I wrote previously, beyond the poll numbers, which have indisputably trended toward Scott Brown over the ..read more

White House Readies Gamble On High-Speed Ping-Pong


Here’s an emerging bit of conventional wisdom that I have reason to believe is accurate:

The White House’s announcement yesterday that it will schedule its State of the Union address for ..read more

25% ? 0%


Right now, our trusty little model of Massachusetts gives Martha Coakley just a 25 percent chance of prevailing tomorrow. Intrade also puts her odds at about 1 in 4. ..read more

O’Reilly: It’s so awful when people intrude on your vacation with their cameras.


Yesterday on his Fox News show, Bill O’Reilly tried to gripe with former Alaska governor Sarah Palin about what a tough life famous people — like themselves — have. O’Reilly ..read more

Strollers Just Eating Up Your Baby’s Fingers [Danger]


FYI, parents: It’s not just Maclaren strollers that will steal your child’s precious fingertips; Graco has also issued a stroller recall after chopping five kids’ fingers off. Will Aidyn and ..read more

Companies Donate $83 Million to Haiti, Get Less Than Three Minutes of Network Coverage


Americans are generous people, and they prove it every time a disaster strikes like last week’s earthquake in Haiti. They have donated more than $275 million to relief efforts in ..read more

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