America Now


An all-white basketball league is poised to launch in 12 cities:

“Would you want to go to the game and worry about a player flipping you off or attacking you in the ..read more

ThinkFast: January 21, 2010


Defense Secretary Robert Gates arrived in Islamabad this morning on an “unannounced trip designed to prod Pakistan to expand an ongoing offensive against the country’s militants and to reassure the ..read more

SlideScreen Renovates Your Android Home Screen with Info Streams [Downloads]


Android: The default home screen in Android is fine and mostly functional. SlideScreen, a replacement utility, provides way more information on messages, weather, calendar events, Twitter or RSS streams, stocks, ..read more

Box.net: New Features and a New Phrase for the Cloud


Box.net acquired a young company last October called Increo Solutions. The features that this young company provided allow for viewing content of most any file and the ability to share ..read more

Are the ‘Charles & YaVaughnie’ Billboards the Work of a Scorned Mistress? [Mysteries]


An Oracle executive has been pledging himself to his “soulmate” on romantic billboards across the country. But it’s not clear the gentleman approves; after all, the lady he’s cuddling up ..read more

The Best Digital Game of 2009 [Special Awards]


Not all video games last year were released on tangible discs. There were also games released via digital means, and some of those games were without a doubt among ..read more

Between Barack and A Hard Place – The Lesson of ’68 Looms for Democrats


These may well be the times that try the souls of Democrat politicians.

In the year since Obama took the oath of office, the fortunes of the Democrat Party have changed ..read more

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