Between Barack and A Hard Place – The Lesson of ’68 Looms for Democrats


These may well be the times that try the souls of Democrat politicians.

In the year since Obama took the oath of office, the fortunes of the Democrat Party have changed ..read more

Father of the Decade?


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Conan Gets His Revenge: The Late Night Clips You Missed While You Were Sleeping [Late Night]


NBC’s Dick Ebersol extends an invitation to Stephen Colbert, the masturbating bear makes a special appearance on Conan’s show, Arsenio Hall pays Leno a visit, Adam Sandler commiserates, and many ..read more

The Party Of No


Jonathan Bernstein makes sense:

Obviously, Republicans should oppose Obama and the Democrats on substance, sharply if there are (real) sharp disagreements, which is the case on many policies.  But the rejectionist strategy they’re following ..read more

Grab Firefox 3.6 Ahead of the Pack [Firefox]


The gHacks blog points out that Firefox 3.6, due for official release at 9:30 Pacific time, is pushing onto mirror servers. A few lucky URL tweakers have found their copies, ..read more

Study: Brain Size And Gaming Ability Related [Science]


How good you are at video games could be related to the size of certain parts of your brain, researchers suggest. Beyond gaming, the research also suggests differences in ..read more

A Moment Of Joy Amidst The Horror


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