YouTube Offers No-Flash HTML5 Videos for Chrome and Safari [Streaming Video]


If you’re running Chrome or Safari as your main browser, Google’s now offering up YouTube videos without Flash. That’s right—fewer system hangs, browser crashes, and other issues, and just straight-up ..read more

A Pulitzer Prize for the National Enquirer? [Why Not]


It’s not the first time this has been suggested. But, on the morning that John Edwards completely vindicates their reporting, and makes the outlets too squeamish to follow it up ..read more

God Of War III Snarls Itself Up A Console Bundle [PS3]


This is a God of War III hardware bundle for the European market, first hinted at yesterday, now with its cover completely blown.

Just like the Heavy Rain bundle, this one ..read more

Conan O’Brien, NBC Reach $45Mil Settlement


Filed under: Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien and NBC worked out their final conflict hours ago and have reached a $45 million settlement … and we’ve learned it’s a ..read more

John Edwards Admits Paternity [Breaking]


The former Presidential candidate released a written statement to NBC news, off the back of an investigation by Lisa Myers on the Today Show this morning, admitting that he fathered ..read more

Nokia Releases Ovi Maps with Offline Caching


While the iPhone is clearly the media darling of mobile devices in the US, there’s no denying that Nokia’s handsets have saturated the global market. As part of that global ..read more

SNK Shoots Out New KOF Sky Stage Screens [Gallery]


On January 22, Osaka-based developer SNK Playmore, best known for The King of Fighters series, will be releasing its latest arcade…shoot ’em up. Well, it does feature KOF game characters!

Characters ..read more

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