The GOP’s New Roadmap


The secret to Scott Brown’s success in Massachusetts was his strong appeal to independent voters-a template for the GOP in 2010, and a Democratic nightmare. Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts Tuesday ..read more

Face Of The Day


Cindy McCain, joining her daughter and Ted Olson as a conservative for marriage equality.

Did Davide Rossi buy HISNAME.com for nearly $10,000


 DomainNameReview.com : 

I was looking at the recent domain sales and I found out that daviderossi.com was sold for nearly $10,000 (at $9,350) at the Sedo domain marketplace. I googled “daviderossi” and ..read more

India’s Literary Lights


Niall Ferguson, Stephen Frears, and Wole Soyinka kick off the fifth annual Jaipur Literature Festival today. Olivia Cole reports from Asia’s premier books event. For over a hundred years, Jaipur, the ..read more

Good news: DNI, FBI chief weren’t sure who should interrogate Flight 253 bomber


Should the FBI have questioned him or the CIA? […] Read the rest »

Let’s See How Long That Lasts


E.D. Kain on why Brown won:

He’s a guy who can treat his opponents with respect.  He was out on the campaign trail shaking hands, meeting people, and trying to connect with the ..read more

Reunited: Palin to campaign for McCain in Arizona


Dude, I think this officially makes her a RINO. […] Read the rest »

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