YouTube Begins to Support HTML5


YouTube just announced that it will begin supporting HTML5 video players this evening across many of the videos on the site. The feature isn’t live yet but is expected ..read more

YouTube Will Start Charging for Some Videos


Starting this weekend, YouTube will be dipping its toe into the waters of paid content.

This behavior follows a trend we’ve noted in traditional media outlets. First, media mogul Rupert Murdoch ..read more

Post-Coakley Lib Crack-up: Matthews, Dean Call Each Other Crazy


The super-sized, take-out-a-second-mortgage-to-pay-for-it bushel basket of movie popcorn just might not be big enough.  War is breaking out among liberals, and the entertainment value could make Casablanca look like a ..read more

Brown Is To The Left Of Snowe? Ctd


Yglesias looks at Brown's record and wonders what sort of Senator he will be:

The evidence from state of the art political science is that Brown’s voting record as a state ..read more

Stephanopoulos Frets Obama Too Ambitious, Seeks Confirmation He’s Had ‘Most Fulfilling’ Year


The day after President Barack Obama’s policies were rebuked by the voters of one of the most liberal states when Massachusetts picked a Republican to replace Ted Kennedy, the White ..read more

Howard Dean: Brown won because ObamaCare isn’t liberal enough or something


Behold the eternal leftist domestic-policy CW, that all Democratic setbacks derive from their failure to push an even more socialistic agenda. […] Read the rest »

The Haiti Fundraising Lie


Skeptics are telling the public to stop giving to Haiti relief efforts. Michelle Goldberg on how some donations might be wasted-and why cash is still desperately needed. Late last week, as ..read more

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