Mark Levin vs. Glenn Beck: Was Scott Brown’s joke about his daughters inappropriate?


Two clips for you, one via the Right Scoop from this morning’s radio show and the other via Mediaite from tonight’s GB on Fox. […] Read the rest »

Three Reasons Why Obama and The Dems Are in Big, Big Trouble.


Over at Reason.com, my colleague Matt Welch and I list three basic reasons why the Dems are in big, big trouble. And one reason why they’re not:

Martha Coakley’s resounding defeat in ..read more

Obama Idol: ‘American Idol’ Goes Out of the Way to Pay Tribute to Current President


Has it come to this that now even pop culture platforms like "American Idol" are in the tank for President Barack Obama? It appears so.

Season nine of the popular Fox ..read more

Downplaying Brown’s Win: Newsweek’s Stone Says It’s Just a Washington Obsession


Move along folks, nothing to see here.

Is that the impression you’re getting from some in the media regarding the results of yesterday’s special election in Massachusetts?

That’s definitely the one ..read more

DCCC Categorizes Pro-Free Market Cato Institute as a ‘Right Wing Extremist Group’


Last night, after Scott Brown took one of the Massachusetts U.S. Senate seats, there was a call by some in the media and even among some prominent Democrats to modulate ..read more

Talk to The Times: Janet L. Robinson and Martin A. Nisenholtz


Senior executives of The New York Times Company will answer questions from readers about the company’s decision to charge for frequent use of NYTimes.com, which will take effect next year.

Outsourcing Content: Just Don’t Do It


 DNUnderground: With the hype in outsourcing anything and everything, we’re seeing an increase of people outsourcing content creation. Whenever there’s a hype, before getting involved in it, it’s important to take ..read more

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