Firebug 1.5 Updates with New Features, Still a Web Developer’s Dream [Downloads]


Firefox only: If you’re a web developer, there’s one Firefox extension that you should without question be using, and that’s Firebug. The extensive web development toolbox just updated to version ..read more

Study: SaaS Pricing Is Still Opaque And Freemium Is Rare


If you are building a SaaS (Software as a Service) venture, you should be thinking hard about your pricing strategy. It may be the single most critical decision you make. ..read more

NBC’s David Gregory Realizes What Tea Parties Are All About


A small group of liberal talking heads may be realizing that opposition to Obama is not, in fact, wholly irrational. Though it would be a bit too hasty to proclaim ..read more

Brown victory party featured flag calling for a ‘second’ revolution, tea party-inspired civil war.


State Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA), who won the special election to represent Massachusetts in the United States Senate yesterday, celebrated his win at the Boston Park Plaza last night. ThinkProgress ..read more

First-timer’s Guide to TRAFFIC Las Vegas


 DomainGang.com: So, you’re going to TRAFFIC Las Vegas? Here’s a quick guide about the event’s do’s and dont’s – take them with a pinch of salt or face the consequences!

The attendants are ..read more

DIY Refrigerator Care Saves Money, Keeps Refrigerator Alive Longer [Repair]


We recently highlighted a few ways to pamper your dishwasher to make it last longer, but refrigerators need a little TLC, too. Here’s some maintenance tips to keep yours humming ..read more

Megyn Kelly Gets Her Own Afternoon Program on Fox News


Megyn Kelly, who currently co-anchors the 9 and 10 a.m. hours alongside Bill Hemmer, will be given her own two-hour show on the country’s top-rated cable news channel.

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