CBS Approves Focus On The Family’s Super Bowl Ad, Despite Its Policy Against Advocacy Spots


Last week, conservative organization Focus on the Family announced that it planned to air a 30-second “life- and family-affirming” television ad during the Super Bowl on Feb. 7. The ..read more

Put Together a Better Virtual Photo Album to Share with Friends and Family [Photography Tip]


Taking photos is fun, and digital photography makes it even easier to take lots of photos without taking out a second mortgage. Your friends don’t want to see every single ..read more

AfterNIC DLS reports over $580,000 in Domain Sales


 Domain Name News: AfterNIC DLS has just sent in their domain sales report for the previous week and sales add up to a total of over $580,000 USD. This list is ..read more

Carol Costello: Republicans Fomented ‘Fear and Confusion Among Voters’


CNN’s Carol Costello reminisced enthusiastically about President Obama’s inauguration a year ago on Tuesday’s American Morning, highlighting how, at the time, “the hearts of millions of Americans were ready to ..read more

Post-Partisanship Epic Fail?


David Leonhardt at the New York Times has this smart take on the now-imperiled health care bill:

The bills before Congress are politically partisan and substantively bipartisan.

What does that mean? The ..read more

Staying Still Too Long Hurts You, Even If You Exercise [Health]


If you take laziness just as seriously as exercise, you’re still at a higher risk of dying from cancer, heart disease, or other illnesses than those who stay moderately active ..read more

Scott Brown is More Liberal Than Olympia Snowe, and Now He’s Pivotal, Too


More from University of Chicago professor Boris Shor. First, the punch line:

I [Boris] disagree with Josh Tucker that the election isn’t that consequential. First, the pivotal Senator will now ..read more

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