Michael Lohan — Suck It, Dina … I’m Writing a Tell-All Too!


Let this sink in … Michael Lohan is joining the ranks of Shakespeare and Hemingway — he’s signed a deal to become a published author, and TMZ has learned his ..read more

Drunk On Diet Soda


A new study found that mixing alcohol with a diet soda results in higher (BrAC) Breath Alcohol Concentrations than mixing it with normal soda. Allison Aubrey spoke to the author of ..read more

Seven Days Later, the Killer Ex-Cop Is Still On the Loose


The manhunt continues for Christopher Jordan Dorner, the alleged killer of 3 people, whose manic manifesto, celebrity fixations, and past good deeds have earned him ..read more

New Jersey Mayors Threaten NFL: Don’t Ask for Help During 2014 Super Bowl


At least five New Jersey mayors are upset the Meadowlands may have to deal with inclement weather and a Super Bowl in 2014 and have threatened to withhold police and ..read more

Chris Brown — You Be the Judge


Chris Brown is on the hot seat after the L.A. County D.A. filed legal docs claiming he phonied most of the community service he was required to perform in the ..read more

Bon Jovi Postpones Concert Because of Storm


Bon Jovi has postponed their concert scheduled for tonight in Connecticut due to the snow storm that crippled the northeast. The governor of Connecticut declared a state of emergency and issued ..read more

Finally. Research shows beer healthier than water



We all knew it was true, but the Vast Vegan Conspiracy and their willing partners in the media were never open enough to investigate the situation honestly. Alcohol is good ..read more

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