National Journal Warns The Economic Price Of Climate Change Is Already Here, And Growing


(Photo by Iwan Baan / Reportage by Getty Images)

National Journal’s Coral Davenport has written a wide-ranging new piece laying out the myriad ways climate change, driven by human carbon emissions, ..read more

This Week in the Business: ‘It’s Highly Unlikely That PS4 or the Next Xbox will be Backwards Compatible’


What’s happened in the business of video games this past week … More »

Obama Rejected Security Advisers’ Recommendation to Arm Syrian Rebels


Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said in his Senate testimony Thursday that he and Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey supported arming Syria’s rebels, but President Obama rejected ..read more

Video: Nemo slams Northeast


The Great Blizzard of 2013?

Four dead, transportation at a standstill, and power out to more than 650,000 homes. That qualifies as a big deal, especially coming just a few months ..read more

Lindsay Lohan — Shacking Up In Courtney Love’s Old Building


The building Lindsay Lohan is temporarily calling home is no stranger to crazy behavior … because TMZ has learned it’s the same building Courtney Love once called home.Sources tell us ..read more

Show Us Your Craziest Pictures From Flake-Quake


Snope. Snow kidding. There’s a storm out there. But if a thousand feet of snow falls on the Northeast and you’re not there to pick ..read more

Free Money At The Office


Stephen Lacey sees some:

If you’ve ever walked into your office building on a weekend, you’ve probably experienced one of the most easily identifiable energy-efficiency problems. Chances are good that the empty ..read more

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