An A+ In Plagiarism


Kenneth Goldsmith defends “Uncreative Writing,” a course he teaches at the University of Pennsylvania:

The students that take my class know how to write. I can hone their skills further ..read more

In MSNBC Promo, Matthews Supplies Secret To Restoring Washington’s Good Name: More Big-Government Programs


Nowadays, our ..read more

Nick Gillespie’s brilliant insight about journalists’ hypocrisy on drones


Nick Gillespie has written a brilliant essay on how the media, which once considered Bush/Cheney to be fascist-dictators-in-waiting because of the powers they assumed to fight terror, is now eager ..read more

“Smurfed-Up” Sentencing


A recent District Court ruling draws attention to the problematic designation of ”career offender” in the case of Lori Ann Newhouse, “a low-level pill smurfer, ‘[a] person who busily goes from store ..read more

Yelp Reports Q4 Losses As Local Gets More Crowded Than Ever


Yelp just reported its fourth quarter earnings and things aren’t looking that sunny for the stalwart local discovery site. In Q4 Yelp raked in $41.2 million in revenue, losing $.08 ..read more

Incoming! Microsoft Launching Another Pathetic Smear Campaign Against Google


Get ready for another blast of anti-Google propaganda from Microsoft and its PR maestro Mark Penn. Sources tell me that the Borg is about to launch another broadside against the ..read more

Why I Bet Google’s Hi-Def, Touchscreen Chromebook Is Real


Android Authority has snagged an intriguing video that purports to show a sleek, new Chromebook with 2560 x 1700 resolution touchscreen called the Chromebook Pixel. The video claims the machine is ..read more

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