12 Really Good Reasons To Jailbreak iOS 6 Right Now


Now that you have the option to jailbreak your iPhone 5, iPad Mini or other iOS 6 device, you might be wondering if you should. For many, it’s a no ..read more

Why the Sequel to Rival Schools is my Favorite Fighting Game Ever


Growing up, I had two game systems: a barely working Atari 2600 (which lived largely forgotten in our guestroom closet) and an original NES. These ..read more

A Penis-Powered Controller That Looks Familiar


Upcoming erotic game Custom Maid 3D will be bundled with a very special controller. It looks like the PS Move, but with a few key ..read more

York: Leicester ‘Misplaced’ Richard


Northern British cities feud for right to re-inter Richard

Years Later, This Game Is Still a Love Letter to Berserk Fans


Berserk is a franchise (in)famous for two reasons: compelling storytelling and ultraviolence. A dark fantasy, Berserk has its origins in manga but has been adapted ..read more

GOP Swears It’s Not Stupid


Republicans are on a PR campaign to repair their image and convince voters they love women, immigrants and the poor. But can they walk the walk? Howard Kurtz doubts it.

Assange Loses His BFF


Jemima Khan now dubs him ‘the Australian L. Ron Hubbard,’ after she helped post his bail. By Tom Sykes.

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