Why Does A Cabbie Ask You The Best Route?


Over at Marginal Revolution, an emailer and former cab driver reveals a fascinating reason:

When I first started driving a cab, I drove the shortest route – always, I’m ethical – but ..read more

The Struggle For Gay Rights In Russia


Julia Ioffe reports on Russia’s “homosexual propaganda” ban, which is on its way to becoming law:

The perception of homosexuality in Russia is that it’s both a perversion of nature and ..read more

Still No Straight Talk On Taxes


After moderating a tax policy discussion between four experts, Howard Gleckman delivers their less-than-optimistic conclusions:

Can the income tax fund the government we seem to want? Probably not. Will lawmakers create ..read more

The Evolution Of The Modern Kitchen


In 1967, Walter Cronkite imagined how the kitchen of 2001 would function:

McArdle compares adoption of various appliances in the US and the UK:

Data on household appliance dispersion shows dramatic differences between the ..read more

Cuckoldry Isn’t Common


Razib Khan debunks the myth “that in 10 percent of cases paternity is misattributed”:

[V]ery high estimates of cuckoldry come from databases of disputed paternity, which are obviously going to be ..read more

The GOP’s Real Problem


A reader at TPM puts his finger on it:

Neither side in this putative civil war has been willing to reckon honestly with the consequences of the Bush administration for the ..read more

Poseur Alert Nominee


“At the height of the storm, anyone outside will face a fearsome blizzard. Innocent snowflakes turn to painfully stinging missiles, darts and tacks, propelled by gusting gales that scream over ..read more

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