The Library Harvest


Libraries around the country are expanding their offerings beyond books – “residents can now check out seeds.” Luke Runyon reports from Basalt, Colorado:

In a corner of the library, Stephanie Syson ..read more

The Blizzard Begins


From Jeff Masters’ latest:

The weight of all that heavy snow on rooftops will create the danger of roof collapses. In addition to the heavy snow, the storm will bring coastal ..read more

Our One-Sided Drone Debate


One of Conor’s explanations for why drones don’t get more attention:

Many conservatives are ideologically committed to the proposition that the president should be almost totally unconstrained in the realm of foreign affairs. ..read more

Scaring Kids Straight Off Guns


Jon Hurdle reports [NYT] on an “unusual program” run by the Temple University Hospital:

[Cradle to Grave] brings in youths from across Philadelphia in the hope that an unflinching look at ..read more

Invisible Moderates


Chait calls Republican moderates “totally gutless”:

Moderate Republicanism is a secret creed — a set of beliefs that is expressed anonymously, but lacks any public standing to openly engage in a battle of ideas ..read more

Servus Servorum Tweet


Did you know that the Pope has 1.5 mil followers and only follows 8 people, all of whom are himself? @pontifex

— Jay Wexler (@SCOTUSHUMOR) January 31, 2013

Antonio Casilli floats the ..read more

Is Xenophobia In Decline?


Micah Cohen sees a shift among Republicans:

An uptick in Republican support for a pathway to citizenship could be statistical noise. And even if it is real, it could reverse itself. Some political ..read more

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