Not Too Big To Be President


Earlier this week on Letterman, Chris Christie laughed off jokes about his weight:

Connie Mariano, a former White House physician, recently worried that Christie’s weight puts him at risk of a heart attack ..read more

Tipping And Tithing


You probably heard the story about the Applebee’s server who was fired for posting a receipt on which pastor Alois Bell had crossed out an added gratuity and wrote, “I ..read more

Video: “So God made a liberal”



Commenters in the Greenroom called for it to be promoted, so here you go: Friday night fish-in-a-barrel fun from Sooper Mexican keying off the Super Bowl’s breakout commercial. Dedicated to ..read more

Video: Dr. Benjamin Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast



We’re a day late to it but here it is, by popular demand, for your evening enjoyment. The Blaze says the response they’ve gotten to the vid is among the ..read more

Pennsylvania, Indiana issue tentative “no, thanks” to Medicaid expansion


Yeah, we’re not doing that.

The Obama administration has made it abundantly clear that it would really just be oh so very helpful if all of the states would voluntarily comply ..read more

Video: Christie yells at former White House doctor for worrying about his weight


“I don’t think he realized who he was talking to. I think I’m qualified to make a comment.”

To cleanse the palate, why is a guy who’s used his weight to ..read more

Hmm: Obama considering fracking proponent for Energy?



Huzzah! …Er, maybe? Hopefully? When I say “proponent,” I mean that in the sort of weak-tea, oh-so-careful, still-a-greenie-enthusiast, bureaucratic sense of the word, and I don’t want to speak too ..read more

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