Rand Paul to give tea-party group’s response to State of the Union after Rubio delivers GOP’s



Not unusual but still significant. Paul’s delivered his own SOTU rebuttal each year since joining the Senate. The Tea Party Express has sponsored a SOTU rebuttal each year during the ..read more

50/50 odds that Hagel withdraws?



I’m skeptical, but if a guy who’s been reporting on foreign affairs for 30 years (with a Pulitzer to his name) is willing to go out on a limb like ..read more

And the most popular politician in America, is…


Guess who?

No, it’s not President Diva — its his defeated opponent from the 2008 Democratic primary, with whom he recently sat down for a back-patting, softball-lobbing travesty of a ‘major’ ..read more

Good news: Obama to ‘focus on job creation’ in SOTU


Infinite pivots.

Does this sound familiar? It should: UPI reports: U.S. President Barack Obama told House Democrats Thursday his State of the Union address will focus on job creation, education and ..read more

Dem senators: Legalized illegal immigrants will have to wait around 10 years to apply for a green card



Worth noting now since it’s potentially another sticking point between Rubio and the rest of the Gang of Eight who desperately need him to sell immigration reform to the right. ..read more

Hot new conservative rallying cry: “Support my campaign to thwart Karl Rove”?



Karl Rove is a man on a mission — a mission to help what he deems to be the most “electable” candidates actually get elected, whatever that may mean exactly ..read more

New HHS “family penalty” rule leaves spouses, children unprotected


Magic elixir gone bad.

Just how complicated will ObamaCare get for employers, workers, and families? Politico’s analysis of a decision by the Obama administration and HHS may take several readings to ..read more

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